What is The Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery in India?


What is Lasik Eye  Surgery?

When it comes to carrying out daily tasks or otherwise, you cannot compromise on your eyesight. So, in case of vision problems, you need to either wear corrective eyewear or get the surgery done to avoid any issues in the present or the future.

Therefore, you can opt for LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) eye surgery – a refractive eye procedure. It corrects vision problems like nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), or astigmatism. If you have blurry vision or suffer from a refractive error in your eyes, you can benefit from LASIK. It helps reshape the cornea for the light to focus on the retina in the back of your eye.

LASIK involves very little pain to none and does not need any bandages or stitches post-surgery. Moreover, your dependency on glasses or contact lenses reduces after getting this refractive surgery done. However, you need to be eligible and prepared for the surgery and the risks involved (if any).

Today, you will learn more about the cost of LASIK surgery in India and the factors affecting its price.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Lasik Surgery in India

Not unlike any other surgery, the cost of LASIK eye surgery in India depends on several factors. You can consider them before determining the total expenses. You will find aspects like the surgeon’s skills, the technology used for the surgery, and the test results holding significance.

If you do opt for LASIK shortly or sometime later, you will receive the cost analysis in the pre-surgery patient counseling session. It will depend on whichever center you decide to get the surgery done. However, here you can take a look at the cost determining factors in brief.

  1. Technology & Infrastructure – If the center is equipped with the latest eye-care technology and dotted with advanced infrastructure, it can affect the cost. The more recent and state-of-the-art equipment, the higher the overall price.
  2. Type of procedure – Even when you opt for LASIK, the type of surgical procedure also determines the cost. If the eye surgeon uses a femtosecond laser, it will cost you more than when he/she uses a microkeratome blade for the surgery.

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  1. Location – If you live in tier-II or tier-III cities, you can get the surgery done at a lesser price due to the lower administrative costs. So, the location of where you want to get the surgery done also affects its cost.
  2. Aftercare – In case you opt for aftercare services post-surgery, the cost of the treatment will most likely increase.

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  1. Hospital size – You will find that reputed hospitals, with branches countrywide, might lower the cost due to the large scale operation. However, it lies at the hospital’s discretion.
  2. Patient care – The duration of the surgery and the after-treatment costs can get added to the patient care tab of the total expenses. Therefore, if you need to stay back at the hospital for more hours than expected, it adds to the costs.

How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in India?

If you consider all the factors mentioned above, in addition to the condition of your eyes, your eye surgeon can determine the total cost. Since it’s the matter of your eyes, getting the best possible treatment is a must. Therefore, you need to consider factors like technology, expertise, infrastructure, and others before surgery.

In India, the LASIK eye surgery cost may range anywhere between ₹25,000 – ₹45,000 on average. You will find some LASIK surgeons charge less if they do not have access to the latest technology or equipment to perform LASIK. Moreover, you need to consult with your doctor about the type of LASIK surgery you need. Depending on the condition of your eyes, your doctor will prescribe either Custom LASIK, Topography-linked LASIK, Bladeless LASIK, ReLEx Smile, or PRK, thus affecting the cost accordingly.

But, when it comes to your health, especially your eyes, you need to make sure you receive top-notch treatment. So, before you decide upon the doctor or the center from which you want to get LASIK done, you need to make sure all the boxes in your list get checked.


The primary benefit of LASIK eye surgery is that you get unclouded vision. Being a safe procedure becomes a bonus. Therefore, considering the benefits you will reap after you go through with the surgery, you can check with the hospital or eye care center concerning the cost. If you reach out to your eye doctor, you can get a comprehensive cost analysis. Several factors form the basis to determine the total expenses of LASIK. However, never compromise on the expertise and the technology and equipment used for the surgery. They are some of the most crucial factors for the success of your eye surgery.

When it comes to the experience and expertise of ophthalmologists, Dada Laser Eye Institute will guide you. They will explain the risks involved, share their knowledge, and make sure you find it comfortable to take the plunge and go through with the vision correction process. You can get in touch with the experts and get proper consultation by giving us a call at
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