What Is The Best Age To Get LASIK Eye Surgery?

What is the Best Age to Get LASIK

Lasik Surgery: Is It Right for You?

Forgetting to carry your glasses or the hassles of wearing contact lenses can get inconvenient at times, if not exasperating. In some cases, you might lose out on trying new things and experiences only because you have vision problems. So, what do you do in such a scenario? Today, due to the advancements in technology and medical equipment, you will find a staggering number of people opting for vision correction surgeries like LASIK.

Whether it’s for changing your outward appearance or getting rid of your glasses or contact lenses altogether, LASIK surgery works wonders on your eyes. This corrective procedure can make your vision problems disappear, depending on the extension of correction needed. According to one particular study, over 90 percent of people that undergo LASIK eye surgery can see clearly without their glasses or contact lenses. Although true, other considerations need addressing before opting for this surgery.

To get considered for LASIK eye surgery, you need to meet all the requirements and qualifications of an ideal candidate. They include having good health, a stable eye prescription for at least a year, and the most important one – to not have any eye diseases or infections before the surgery. However, one factor that you cannot prepare for is your age. So, today, we will learn more about the age factor and how it plays a role in the LASIK eye surgery process.

What Is the Best Age to Get Lasik?

Is there such a thing as ‘how young is too young?’ when it comes to LASIK? Well, most eye surgeons do not perform LASIK on patients younger than 18 years of age. Similarly, you might also wonder if there’s an upper age limit to get refractive eye surgery done? As is the case with many other organs of the body, every individual’s eyesight differs. Therefore, the state of the eyes too.

Ideally, LASIK gets performed for those with vision problems. They include myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), or astigmatism. However, the extent of the eyesight issue determines the ideal age for getting this refractive eye surgery. So, if you think of opting for LASIK in the future, the following details will give you a fair idea of when to go ahead with the surgery.

  • Before 18 Years:

FDA-approved age for LASIK eye surgery happens to be above 18 years. The reason behind eye doctors refraining from performing LASIK on children or teenagers below 18 is that eyesight changes well into adulthood. Moreover, they do not need this refractive eye surgery to perform daily tasks as the vision keeps changing.

  • Ages Between 18-24 Years:

As mentioned before, your eyesight continues to change for a few more years until the age of 24. Therefore, you should wait a few more years. Even your eye surgeon might ask you to wait until the age of 25 before performing the surgery. However, some exceptional cases (military, law enforcement, etc.) might get special consideration.

  • Ages Between 25-40 Years:

According to most eye surgeons, 25-40 years of age is considered an ideal age to get LASIK done. The primary reason behind it is that the prescriptions for your glasses or contact lenses have mostly stabilized. Therefore, making it easier for the doctor to consider your candidature.

  • Ages Between 40-55 Years:

Even if someone had perfect vision all their life, you might find them reaching out for a pair of reading glasses after 40. However, that does not mean that the consideration of your candidature for LASIK will come to a stop. If you’re in good shape and do not smoke, in addition to no history of medical problems, you will get the green light. However, you should know that a family history of corneal disorders, glaucoma, and diabetes are considered medical issues for this age group.

  • Ages 56 Years and Above:

While there isn’t an upper limit on age to get LASIK done, you might have to factor in other aspects that affect your candidacy in terms of this refractive surgery. Most seniors have to deal with cataracts, and that isn’t a good sign if you’re thinking of opting for LASIK. However, if you are 60 but have clear eyesight, you could still get considered for the surgery. Nonetheless, inform your eye surgeon about any medications you might be taking during your consultation.

Remember, only a personal evaluation will help assess your situation concerning vision problems and LASIK. So, speak with your ophthalmologist to determine the likelihood of your candidature for the surgery.

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Is Lasik Eye Surgery Safe?

The safety and effectiveness of a procedure depend on several factors. You might have to discontinue your candidature for LASIK if the doctor finds any underlying health problems, eye diseases, etc., that could hamper the process. However, given the advanced equipment used for LASIK, the safety of this refractive eye surgery remains at a high. It is one of the safest surgical procedures to be performed on the eyes. It might interest you to know that,

  • The results of LASIK come quickly, and you will notice a difference within a few hours.
  • You can live without your glasses or contact lenses post-surgery.
  • This refractive eye surgery will exceedingly improve your vision.

You should know that the recovery process depends on how well you follow the instructions given by your ophthalmologist.

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While age isn’t the only determining factor for your candidature for LASIK eye surgery, it can become a make or break situation depending on the health of your eyes. Other than your age, other aspects such as overall health, family medical history, and a stable prescription remain a few of the most vital factors in LASIK eye surgery candidacy. Therefore, a detailed consultation with your eye surgeon will help you determine whether this procedure is right for you.

Dada Laser Eye Institute’s expert ophthalmologists will guide you through the complete process and explain the risks involved. They will also share their knowledge and expertise and make sure you find it comfortable to go through with LASIK eye surgery. If you wish to know more, you can get in touch with the experts and get proper consultation by giving us a call at (+91) 992 299 5549 or visit our website to fill out a form.

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