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How to choose LASIK surgery for your eyes

LASIK treatment is widely known to make you independent from spectacle and helps you to do your work day in and day our without worrying about your specs or contact lenses.

Means after LASIK you can go for any kind of sport including wrestling, swimming etc and you really don’t need glasses or contact lens to stop you.

LASIK or Laser Correction is so popular as it has and is still benefitting huge population across the globe and is very easy way to get spectacle independence.

Before deciding for LASIK surgery it is important to understand that LASIK has various types and among all the available option which is best for your eyes.

Not all LASER correction option is suitable to every eye. You need to undergo certain corneal testing which ophthalmologist uses to guide you about the surgery which he thinks best for your eyes with the desired result.

For further understanding in opting LASIK following detail will help you to understand what are the various options available with their advantages and limitations.


Treatment type Advantages Limitations

2 mm incision surgery hence least post operative care

Inadvertent eye rubbing is allowed

Very fast recovery time

Patient having Less corneal thickness can also be treated

Not suitable

Plus number (Hyperopia) at present (May 2016)

Bladeless Femto Customvue Lasik Very precise, bladeless flap hence recovery is fast. Treats astigmatism/ high cylindrical power and plus number

(Hyperopia) accurately

Flap precautions are to be taken care like no rubbing till flap is stable.
Customvue Blade Lasik Gives personalized treatment to eye by treating highest degree of corneal abnormality (abbrations).

Very precise as it has IRIS REGISTRATION technology which register your eye and notice even a micro movement hence laser firing is on target area always.

Not recommended when corneal thickness is less

Flap precautions are to be taken care like no rubbing till flap is stable.

Photo refractive keratotomy


When the shape of cornea is not normal. No flap. Variants – LASEK, Epi-Lasik, ASA Work resume after 15 days. return of some spectacle number is possible. Eye drops used for longer duration
Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) When the eye power is extremely high and none of the procedure can be done

When thickness of cornea is less

Increase quality as well as quantity of vision

More Invasive than Relex Smile or Lasik