Glaucoma Treatment Pune


What is eye pressure and its significance

Increase pressure of eye is known as Glaucoma.

Just like blood pressure there exists eye pressure which is due to fluid inside the eyes called as aqueous which is produced inside the eyes to provide nutrition to eye.

There is a constant rate of production and the drainage of fluid from the eyes, which is maintained in the normal eyes.

But if the production rate is high and the drainage is less then there occurs accumulation of aqueous fluid inside the eyes leading to increased eye pressure or Intra Ocular Pressure.

How does Increased eye pressure harmful

The increased pressure creates pressure on optic nerves. The optic nerve is responsible for vision, sending brain the signals and receiving the image. The increased pressure damages optic nerve slowly thereby leaving them permanently damaged.

How to detect the problem ?

Unfortunately glaucoma is detected when 70% of vision loss has already happened reason being the nerve damage start from the peripheral vision field of the eyes and till the time it reaches central part it’s too late.

After knowing and understanding the risk associated with glaucoma it is must that one should undergo periodic eye check up by experienced ophthalmologist in order to check the eye pressure and the optic nerve of the eye.

If you already have glaucoma then do follow-up with doctor as advised and follow the treatment and medication as prescribed without fail.

Who all are at risk of Glaucoma

  • When eye pressure is high
  • Someone with family history of glaucoma
  • Person having Diabetes
  • Someone who gets eye injury