Lasik eye surgery treatment


DEFINITION: Lasik eye surgery is a corrective eye procedure for Myopia , Hypermetropia ,

Astigmatism in which a flap of the corneal surface is raised & a thin layer of underlying

tissue is removed using laser , which reshapes the cornea changing its focussing power .

Lasik has replaced many of the other refractive eye surgery methods. Lasik eye is done with a

computer controlled excimer cold laser & a tool called microkeratome or femtosecond

laser. Surgeon cuts a flap in the centre of cornea to remove a thin layer of tissue , thereby

cornea flattens .The flap is replaced without stitches & reattaches to cornea within



Wavefront guided lasik is advanced method for measuring optical distortions in the eye.

Wavescan can be used to evaluate the eye before surgery. It measures how light is

distorted as it passes into the eye & is reflected back, this creates an optical map of the

eye & show details of the area. This technology lets a lasik surgeon adjust the laser beam

settings for more precise procedure, which gives sharper vision & reduce night vision



Patient should eat before lasik eye procedure.

He/she should wear comfortable clothing.

Patient should not wear eye make up & ensure all traces of eye makeup are

removed .

Patient should arrange a safe transportation post procedure .

Patient should be prepared to spend at least 2 hrs before, during & after Laisk

procedure in clinic.


Do not touch or rub the eyes post procedure.

Mild watering & foreign body sensation will be experienced by almost all the

patients post procedure for few hours.

Do not take a head bath before first follow up visit .

Do not expect a perfectly clear visison post procedure, as it may take some time to

heal .

Dryness of eyes is common after the procedure, but it will last only temporarily . A

course of topical lubricants will be given for the same.

COST : Cost of the surgery may vary from country to country. Bladeless Femto Lasik and

Relex Smile procedure will cost more, blade lasik will cost less and customised Laser will

cost in between the two.

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