Various factors can give rise to cataractous changes in the natural lens of the eye . Few of the main factors listed
below which cause the cataract.

*AGE -Cataract develops as age advances , mostly begins after 55 yrs but could be seen in patients at
an early age also, depending upon physical status & predisposing risk factors
*DIABETES MELLITUS – It is a risk factor for cataract . Patients who have diabetes have the risk of
developing cataract at an early age .
* EXCESSIVE EXPOSURE TO SUNLIGHT – Ultra violet rays exposure from direct harsh sunlight can
cause early development of cataract . Sunglasses can act as a protection from direct sunlight .
* SMOKING /DRINKING ALCOHOL – It is again a predisposing risk factor for early development of
*OBESITY -Obesity is a predisposing risk factor for Diabetes & other systemic illness , therefore
could give rise to early development of cataract .
*HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE –Blood pressure should be well under control in order to prevent cataract
*PREVIOUS EYE INJURY OR INFLAMMATION –any kind of direct blunt trauma could give rise to
traumatic cataract even in young patients . Also inflammatory diseases of the eye like uveitis could
add to complicated cataract .
*PREVIOUS EYE SURGERY-Any form of previous eye surgery lcould predispose to lenticular changes
giving rise to early development of cataract .
*PROLONGED USE OF CORTICOSTEROID MEDICATION- Any form of oral of topical steroid treatment
for a longterm period of 6months – 1 year could give rise to cataract.

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