How to Choose the Right LASIK Hospital in India for Your Eye Surgery?

How to Choose the Right LASIK Hospital in India for Your Eye Surgery

LASIK treatment is a type of refractive surgery that is done by an eye surgeon or an ophthalmologist so that an eye patient won’t have to wear glasses or spectacles again. LASIK is used to cure hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism. LASIK treatment is painless, bladeless, flapless, and stitchless.

The best part of LASIK is that the procedure is ultra-safe and meticulous because here, an eye specialist will not use any type of handheld device like a diamond-shaped blade. In LASIK, high-precision lasers are used that create a 3D mapping of your eyes and a small gap will be made in the affected part of the eye so that light can enter properly and you won’t have to face any vision blues on the future.

Many eye patients think LASIK cannot be performed on dry eyes but that’s not the case. Also, the procedure requires only 10-15 minutes per eye for completion; so, you can say 30 minutes is the maximum time for both eyes.  Another great factor of LASIK is the patient recovers very quickly. Some patients can start working to the office and take part in outdoor activities within a week and if you take proper precautions post-surgery then the recovery time will be expedited.

In this blog, we will be covering all details about LASIK surgery including a checklist that will assist you to choose the right LASIK eye surgery clinic without any fuss. So, without any further ado, let us present to you…

The Checklist to Choose the Right Lasik Eye Surgery Clinic

Surgeon Experience

Always check whether the eye surgeon or an ophthalmologist has enough experience or not. There’s no point in going to a naïve doctor’s clinic as they will charge you the same as experienced doctors but you won’t get the same quality. It is always advised to go to a highly experienced doctor. Experienced surgeons are well-versed with the latest technologies and they have received enough hands-on experience on modern tools. Visit an eye surgeon who has at least 20+ years of experience.


A few eye patients might think a doctor’s reputation is not important when it comes to treatment; it’s a myth. Before making an appointment with a doctor checks their credentials, memberships, and success rate. If you’re having difficulty asking it to your near and dear ones go online and visit a few websites. You will come to know everything about an eye surgeon. Also, if possible, check online ratings and reviews of an eye doctor so that you won’t go to a specialist that has a bad reputation.


Using the latest technologies is a must these days to promote safety and accuracy in various eye surgeries including LASIK, LASEK, CATALYS and more. Consult with your friends if they are sure about a particular eye specialist that uses ultra-modern medical equipment while performing surgery. If you’re not sure that a particular eye specialist has all the necessary tools visit their website and check what type of tools they are using during a procedure.


Cost is an important factor while making any decision but you must pay attention to the fact that you must not skimp on LASIK treatment. The cost varies from an ophthalmologist to an ophthalmologist and place to place. Remember, your safety and the accuracy of the procedure are the main points to keep in mind. The combination of a good eye surgeon, skills, technology, and modern equipment should not cost you more; thanks to cutthroat competition in the present world.

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What is the Benefit to a Patient?

With LASIK you can stay assured that you won’t have to wear spectacles again. LASIK is used to cure astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia and the procedure is painless, flapless, stitchless, and bladeless. The amazing fact about LASIK is that it takes only 30 minutes max for an ophthalmologist to operate on both eyes and its recovery time is in between 5-7 days.

Friendly or Family Recommendations

Receiving recommendations from friends and family members are always appreciated. Since LASIK is a very popular eye treatment many people know about this. You can ask about a particular doctor, like – how much experience they have? Are they using the latest tools or not? Is their clinic easily accessible? How the staff members behave in the clinic? And more… If you’re satisfied with the answers make a move.

Financing Options

Many eye clinics have financing options. You can ask or friends or check online whether or not a particular eye clinic has this provision or not. You can also check with your insurance provider if they are covering all the expenses of your LASIK treatment. If that’s not the case, you can look for setting up a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). The money you keep in FSA can be taken out tax-free and it can be used for certain types of medical treatment like – LASIK.


Please check whether or not the clinic you opted for LASIK is nearby you. If not then you will have to take a friend or a family member with you during the procedure; which can be tough at times. So, go for such eye clinics that are near to your home for the sake of your convenience.

Do You Have Testimonials from Previous/Current Patients?

The eye surgeon must have testimonials from previous or current patients. Testimonials guarantee that a particular ophthalmologist is good in treating the patients. Testimonials can be on their website, social media or YouTube. Don’t forget to check every platform and one you’re assured that the testimonials are real; you can book an appointment with the doctor.

Surgeon Commitment

The commitment of the surgeon is a must if you want that the procedure goes by smoothly. Check whether the appointed ophthalmologist has received any accreditations or awards from the government or NGOs. In this case, your friends, family members, and the internet can help you a lot. Visit their website and check every webpage to know whether or not the surgeon is committed to surgery.

What is the Average Recovery Time?

The average recovery time of LASIK is 5-7 days and if taken care of properly, it can be 4 days as well. Don’t indulge in swimming, cycling, exercising just after the LASIK surgery. Consult with your doctor on when can you resume work, when can you sit in front of a computer, when cam you take part in outdoor activities, and more.

How Long Does LASIK Last?

How long LASIK “lasts” will depend on how old you are when you have LASIK and how much your eye conditions progress if they do at all. For the majority of people who have LASIK, they remain happy with their vision after 10 years.

The answer to the question – how long does LASIK lasts depends on how old were you at the time of treatment. It also depends upon the fact that is your eyes healthy or not? For the majority of eye patients LASIK lasts for 10 or more years.


Infrastructure plays a very important role during the procedure. Ensure that a particular eye clinic has all the amenities and their staff members are good and candid. Check whether or not the eye clinic has a dark room for patients post-surgery. If an eye clinic meets all the needs, it is good to go.

Comprehensive Eye Care

You must ideally choose an eye surgeon who is an all-rounder, i.e. they are not only proficient with a single type of surgery; they must be prolific in LASIK, LASEK, CATALYS, ReLEx SMILE, and more. This guarantees that a doctor is well-versed with all norms of surgery and has rich experience in ophthalmology.

Peace of Mind

Your goal in selecting a clinic lies in the fact that whether or not you’re in the safe hands. You must select an eye clinic that has an amazing roster of eye surgeons or if they have only one surgeon that’s also fine; the point to consider here is to check they have good experience in their respective fields.  We comprehend that any kind of surgery can be daunting so it is a must that the doctor and the staff understand your requirements and act upon it. This will render long-term satisfaction and you will always have peace of mind that you’re in the right hands.

For the best results in LASIK treatment, you will have to adhere to all the aforementioned points. After reading the complete blog if you have any doubts regarding the procedure, fee or anything else, fill-up the form  and someone from Dada Laser Eye Institute will reach out to you within 24 hours. Happy Vision!

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