How to Choose the Best LASIK Eye Surgeon?

How to Choose the Best LASIK Eye Surgeon

LASIK or Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis is a type of advanced refractive laser eye surgery that is performed on a patient so that they can get rid of spectacles. LASIK is performed by an ophthalmologist on the affected eye(s) with the help of lasers. The lasers are used to create a 3D map of the eye and after that; a small hole is made in the retina so that light can enter through the eyes properly.

The best part of LASIK is that the entire procedure is painless, bladeless, stitchless, and flapless. There is no usage of any handheld device like a diamond-shaped blade in this procedure so it is ultra-safe. Myriads of eye patients rely on LASIK and even highly experienced eye surgeons say LASIK is the best way to stay away from astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia.

Numerous eye patients suffering from aforementioned vision blues think that LASIK cannot be performed on dye eyes but that’s not the scenario; LASIK is perfectly suitable for dry eyes and is safe too. Another great factor about LASIK is that the time taken for surgery is very less as compared to any other form of surgery. For both eyes, it takes a maximum of 30 minutes and after 7-8 days of surgery, an eye patient can perform outdoor activities including cycling, exercising, and working from office including sitting in front of computers.

In this blog we will see everything about LASIK surgery including one of the most persisting questions is laser surgery – How to Choose the Best LASIK Eye Surgeon? We will be covering every point that will help you answer this question so that you can get what you deserve – a perfect vision!

The Checklist to Choose the Best LASIK Eye Surgeon:

Long Term LASIK Fellowship Training

For the best attainable results make sure before booking any appointments your eye surgeon or ophthalmologist has a long term Fellowship training in LASIK surgery. This will guarantee that the eye surgeon will do their best in the first attempt and you won’t have to come to them again for any minor or major checkups. Visit your eye surgeon’s website and check for any certifications, if they have, you can visit them for consultation. 2-3 years of experience in a reputed center – international or domestic should do the needful.

Board Certification

Ask your friends and family members whether or not they know any eye surgeon who has done any special certification from a certain board. Doing a certification helps you gain confidence over an eye specialist; you can rest assured that the eye surgeon has proficiency in laser surgery and they are good beyond the basic license to practice for. A few reputed places for the best board certifications are- Moria Microkeratome and Epi-Lasik, Washington DC, VISX Excimer Laser, USA, and Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL), Chennai.

Scientific Credentials and Repute

The eye surgeon you’re going to opt for must be practicing legal and evidence-based medicines and have proper and latest knowledge regarding LASIK. An eye specialist who has reputed scientific credentials along with national/international level research and publications including journals is a surefire way to recognize whether or not your eye surgeon has the required expertise on LASIK. Carefully evaluate your eye surgeon before paying a visit to their clinic.


It is of high importance that your eye specialist must have at least 15+ years of experience in performing LASIK surgery. You can check if they have been bestowed with an award or an honor; if that’s the case you can go to them for consultation. To know the details about your eye surgeon you must visit their website and check for pages that say – awards and accreditations.


Again, you can ask your friends and family members whether or not they know any particular good eye surgeon. Check online to know the quality of rating they got and the type of reviews (do they have more positive reviews than negative or vice versa?) they have received. If any of your near and dear ones have a positive experience with an eye specialist for astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia you can visit that particular ophthalmologist.


Go out, check online or ask your friends: do whatever you have to find every detail about your ophthalmologist including whether or not they have the latest equipment in their clinic. The latest technology and modern instruments guarantee the best results and minimal post-surgery care. If you find that the eye specialist you’re going to visit is still using traditional surgical methods to perform eye surgery cancel going there and find an up-to-date eye surgeon.

So, now you know how to choose the best LASIK eye surgeon for yourself. Follow the mentioned guidelines and pay attention to everything because the devil lies in the details. For your sake neglect all rumors and false brand promotions. Remember, it’s all in your hands whether or not you want the best results and stay away from vision blues; and to get the best results it is a must that your eye surgeon is a credible one without compromising any factor that you deem pivotal.


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