Laser Cataract Surgery Equipment

It is the most modern wavefront guided LASER for treating spectacle number that improves vision by modifying the shape of the cornea. It can be done using either LASIK or PRK. It continues to grow in popularity and is the number one elective procedure in the world.


CustomVue Lasik Surgery Procedure


It is carried out only for 10 to 15 minutes for both eyes and patients are often ready to leave within an hour. The laser eye surgeon numbs the eye with anesthetic drops and works with the computerized CustomVue system to guide it. Most patients report absolutely no discomfort during it. It has proven to be extremely safe and efficient. Nonetheless, you won’t find any surgery completely free from risks and complications. Some do experience side effects that could include infection, complications involving the flap and improper corrections. You can reduce these risks to a great extent by selecting a surgeon experienced enough to use it.


CustomVue IntraLasik Cost in Pune India


It is a type of refractive surgery that is carried out to correct the eyesight of an individual. It is also known as all laser treatment and it reshapes the corneal flap of the patient’s eye, thus, giving them ideal eyesight. The custom vue intralasik cost in India varies from INR 35000 to INR 60000 depending upon the nature of the problem. The custom vue Lasik cost at DLEI center in Pune is quite affordable and is carried under the experienced and watchful eyes of Dr. Jeevan Ladi. So, be assured that you are in safe hands as far as it is concerned.




Research has shown that there are various reasons that people choose to have it.

  • Life simplification: No longer having to deal with glasses or contact lenses.
  • Independence: Freedom from dependence on glasses or contact lenses.
  • Performance: Ability to perform better in sports-related activities.
  • Social: Marriage, college life, social gatherings etc.
  • Personality: Improve confidence and overcome inferiority complex.
  • Ability to see clearly in all day and night conditions when it counts:
  • Better vision for all occasions (e.g., at a play, evening out, playing golf)

It has been proven to be overwhelmingly successful in reducing dependence on glasses and contact lenses. Clinical studies show that more than 98 % CustomVue patients have the potential to achieve 6/6 (20/20) vision. Generally, this means they no longer need or have reduced their dependence on glasses or contacts to drive, play sports, watch movies and TV, or participate in careers requiring excellent vision.

It can treat a very broad range of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. The best way to determine who is a good candidate is with a thorough eye examination. Candidates must have completed 18 years of age.


  • No injection
  • No prolonged medication
  • No surgery
  • Totally an out patient procedure
  • Can resume job or college within 2 days
  • Treatment time per eye is only 1-2 minutes
  • Better quality of vision than glasses and contact lenses
  • Normal activities can be resumed the next day
  • Permanent, once in life time treatment

It is an individualized laser vision correction treatment that is wavefront-guided. With it, nearsighted, farsighted and astigmatic individuals have the potential to achieve a new level of vision. It uses wavefront-guided technology to measure unique imperfections in the eye. The technology then produces a treatment for the eye and the information is transferred to the laser. The doctor then uses that information to fine-tune it thereby providing a new level of precision and accuracy.

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