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Aftercare is positively recommended and is a pivotal step in your laser eye surgery treatment. Post-surgery, your eyes are susceptible to light and they become very sensitive. Protecting your eyes is very critical to ensure you reduce the risks of any possible complications and see the best possible results. The aftercare procedures also differ from person to person, such as, for someone, it might take 2 days and for some it might take up to 5 days.

Laser Eye Surgery Recovery Tips & Advice

1. Initial Aftercare
After your treatment, you will be advised to stay in the eye clinic or hospital, until you feel comfortable to make your way back home.During this time period, your eyes are recuperating and getting its strength back. For your information, driving immediately after the surgery must be avoided at all costs. So, you have to organize for your personal transport services or ask a family member or a friend to help you get home.

2. Aftercare During The First 2 Days
You must avoid taking a shower immediately after surgery because there is a small chance that it might hinder your progress in vision. For better results, avoid taking shower for at least 1-2 days post-surgery. It is also advisable that you must not resume your work for 1-2 days after the treatment, following a LASIK, ReLEx SMILE or LASEK. No matter where you work, your eyes will be exposed to different types of strain, so if you do need to venture outside try to stay close to home, just in case you feel any discomfort.

During the initial days of aftercare, you might be asked to attend a follow-up exam where an ophthalmologist will examine your eye health and provide feedback along with any medications if required. On average, most patients will be back on the road within the first few days. However, it is always recommended to wait for few days before exposing your eyes to computer or smart phone screen because they emit nonionizing radiation.

3. Aftercare During the First Week
During the first seven days, it is important that you must reduce the chances of exposing your eyes to irritation. It is recommended to not put any makeup around your eyes and keep your eyes away from any soap products. Also, avoid going to such places that have a lot of smoke and stay away from people who smoke. Don’t rub your eyes during the first week of aftercare because it might create complications.

After 3 days, your eyes will have recovered enough and you can start exercising such as a morning cycle ride or jogging on a treadmill. It is preferable to wait for a week before continuing aerobic exercises or practicing Yoga. If you weightlift, wait for at least two weeks before resuming your exercise routine because weightlifting cause muscle strain including your eyes.

4. Aftercare After a Month
After a month, your eyes will have gained enough strength and you can enjoy sports activities like tennis, swimming, football, snowboarding, and cricket. It is highly advised to stay away from any kind of steam room and sauna for at least a month. If you have an itinerary or you are going for a vacation soon after your laser eye surgery, wait for at least 10 days. When you wait for more, you are actually reducing the risk of any possible complications.

What is The Typical Recovery Time for Laser Eye Surgery?

The recovery time is different for different types of procedures. For example, LASEK requires 5-7 days of recovery time and ReLEx Smile / LASIK has a very quick recovery and takes only 2 days before you can resume your work.

What Should I Expect for Recovery?

Some people might experience improved vision immediately after the surgery, but it is quite common that the patient might feel blurry vision for at least a day or two. You will not have many restrictions during recovery time, but it is very important not to lift any heavy objects or engage in strenuous exercise for one week.

So, now you know everything about laser eye surgery aftercare. Try to take rest for a week or so and do not engage in any activities that cause stress on your eyes. Over time, you will again experience the vision you were looking forward to.

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