Bladeless cataract is also known as Femto Laser Bladeless Cataract surgery or Semi-Robotic cataract (Catalys) surgery. It is the most advanced form of cataract surgery . Here the surgeon need not use a blade to make primary blade cuts to enter eye. The entire cutting part of operation is done by Femto laser, which makes the cuts or primary incisions, capsulotomy and also pre-cuts the cataract into tiny segments making it easier to separate , thereby increasing the safety and efficacy of cataract removal. The robotic part is fastest , hardly takes few seconds.
Use of ultrasound energy required in Phacoemulsification (Phaco) surgery is minimal. This keeps sensitive cells in eye more safe and inflammation is minimal. The surgeon removes cut parts and implants the intraocular lens . There is minimal intraocular tissue handling & hence less intraocular complication rate. It gives reliable & stable post-surgery visual outcome. The Laser surgery is semi-robotic. The application of robotic arm to eye and completion is facilitated by eye surgeon.

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