An eye patient has so many questions to ask when they pay a visit to an eye specialist for consultation or surgery. But sometimes, due to hesitation or non-favorable circumstances, a patient is unable to ask the questions and it leads to confusion and mistreatment. So, it is pivotal to clear all doubts before consulting a doctor and just to help you, we have prepared a listicle of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). These FAQs are relevant to laser eye surgery, ReLEx SMILE, and other treatments. So, have a look at these and clear your mind before the consultation.

  1. What is ReLEx Smile Surgery?

ReLEx SMILE is a minimally invasive surgery used to treat myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. No stitches, flaps, or blades are involved in this process. A highly advanced Femtosecond laser is used in ReLEx SMILE.

  1. How safe is the procedure?

The procedure is the safest and the USA FDA approved. There is no usage of handheld tools in ReLEx SMILE. A highly advanced Femtosecond laser is utilized for 3D eye mapping and there is no scope of errors in this treatment.

  1. Can ReLEx smile be done twice?

No, ReLEx SMILE surgery cannot be done twice because of the limitations in error correction.

  1. How long does the ReLEx smile take to heal?

Since no blades or flaps are required for ReLEx, a patient can resume work in 2 days. However, it is advised that the patient should not engage in activities where the chances of pressure on the eyes are more.

  1. What is the recovery time?

Most of the patients experience 100% visual acuity within a week. ReLEx SMILE patients can resume outdoor activities after 8-10 days of the total recovery.

  1. Is smile eye surgery painful?

No, SMILE procedure is a painless, stitchless, flapless, and bladeless procedure thanks to the advanced Femtosecond laser.

  1. Is ReLEx Smile Safe?

The procedure is very safe because of the Femtosecond laser which is used to make a 3D map of the affected eye. ReLEx SMILE is also USA FDA approved.

  1. Which is better Lasik or SMILE?

SMILE is better because it has lesser recovery than LASIK. Also, ReLEx is more advanced and safer than LASIK. And remember, in LASIK, an eye surgeon has to make flaps and no flaps are required in ReLEx.

  1. How much does ReLEx Smile surgery cost?

The cost of ReLEx SMILE varies from place to place. The cost also includes numerous consumables such as – patient’s interface and other things. The cost of ReLEx SMILE is generally Rs 50,000 per eye.
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  1. Is the ReLEx smile FDA approved?

Yes, ReLEx SMILE is 100% USA FDA approved.

  1. Can ReLEx smile cure astigmatism?

Yes, ReLEx SMILE can cure astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia.

  1. How does ReLEx smile work?

In ReLEx SMILE, first anesthetic drops are used to numb the eye. After that, an ophthalmologist will use highly advanced Femtosecond laser for 3D eye mapping which is used to place a series of precision pulses in the center of the cornea for treatment.

  1. Does SMILE procedure hurt?

No, the SMILE procedure is 100% painless.

  1. What is the cost of ReLEx SMILE laser eye surgery?

The cost varies from place to place but generally, the cost of ReLEx SMILE is Rs 50,000 per eye.

  1. Can all refractive errors be corrected with ReLEx SMILE?

ReLEx SMILE surgery can be used to cure myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. FYI, presbyopia cannot be treated with ReLEx SMILE.

  1. Is there any age limit for SMILE ReLEx LASER treatment?

Yes. The patient must be 18 years or above during treatment.

  1. Am I a suitable candidate?

An ideal candidate for a SMILE can be –

  • A person who’s 18 years or above.
  • A patient whose eye prescription hasn’t changed in the last year.
  • A person who has myopia between – 0.50 and – 10 diopters (with or without astigmatism).
  • Patient’s cornea needs to be healthy
  • Overall eye health must be good

  1. Why do patients prefer ReLEx SMILE?

Patients prefer ReLEx SMILE because the procedure is painless, stitchless, and bladeless. Also, the recovery time is lesser than any form of laser eye surgery.

  1. Is there any diet restriction?

There’s no diet restriction for ReLEx SMILE.

  1. How much time does the procedure take?

ReLEx SMILE only requires 10-15 minutes per eye. But bring a friend or a relative because you cannot drive immediately post-surgery.

  1. Can both eyes be treated in the same sitting?

Yes, both eyes can be treated in a single sitting.

  1. Will I be awake during the procedure?

Yes, you will be awake during the procedure, only your eye(s) will be numbed via eye drops.

  1. Why is a smile said to be Ultra-gentle on the eyes?

It is because there is no usage of any handheld devices. The entire procedure is assisted with the help of Femtosecond laser which is highly precise. Since there are no flaps involved, ReLEx SMILE is painless, stitchless, odorless, and bladeless.

  1. How many ReLEx SMILE surgeries are done to date by Dr. Jeevan Ladi?

Dr. Jeevan Ladi is a gold medalist in laser eye surgery and has a rich experience of 30+ years as an ophthalmologist. In these years, he has performed several successful ReLEx SMILE surgeries.

  1. Is it a permanent treatment?

Yes, ReLEx SMILE is a permanent treatment.

  1. Is SMILE accurate?

SMILE is 100% accurate because of the highly advanced Femtosecond laser from Carl Zeiss Meditec.

  1. What is the success rate?

If an eye patient fulfills all prerequisite conditions the success rate is almost 100%

  1. Any case reported of Acute, Chronic Infection(s)?

The chances of infection in ReLEx SMILE is absolutely zero because no handheld devices are used here.

  1. What about Dry eye issues?

There are no dry eye issues in the ReLEx SMILE procedure.

  1. When do I need to discontinue wearing contact lenses prior to the procedure?

After 3-4 days of ReLEx SMILE procedure, you can stop wearing contact lenses or glasses.

  1. Is it true if people do ReLEx surgery in the future if they get Farsightedness (hyperopia) it’s not possible to treat them?

After ReLEx SMILE, re-treatment can be done, but this time the eye surgeon might suggest you go for a superficial ablation method like PRK (as a choice) or even LASIK.

  1. How soon can I get back to my normal routine after the ReLEx SMILE procedure?

You can resume your routine work after 2-3 days of post-surgery.

  1. Will my vision be clear immediately after surgery?

Your vision will start improving after a few hours of surgery. Your 100% vision acuity will be restored after 2-4 weeks.

  1. Will I need to sit in a dark room after laser?

No, you won’t have to sit in any type of darkroom after laser surgery.

  1. Is it recommended to avoid T.V, cell phones for 24 hrs? post-procedure?

If you’re feeling comfortable, you can resume watching TV and start using a cellphone after 24 hours of surgery.

  1. Will I still need to wear reading glasses after laser procedure?

Generally, as the person’s age increase, the eye’s ability to focus decreases. So, if you’re having any sort of trouble reading, you can wear reading glasses.

  1. Will I have glare after the procedure?

The chances of daytime glare are slim to none. A very small percentage of eye patients might experience night-time glare during the first few weeks.

  1. Number of Enhancement treatments done post SMILE surgery?

There’s no requirement for any kind of enhancement post-SMILE surgery.

  1. Post ReLEx SMILE laser eye procedure, is there any minimum period post which pregnancy can be planned?

You should maintain a gap of at least 3 months post-surgery before planning a pregnancy.

So, here, we have tried our best to answer almost every question regarding ReLEx SMILE surgery. Before paying a visit for consultation or surgery, go through these questions and know everything there is to know about ReLEx SMILE and clear all the doubts that you have in your mind.

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