Eye Safety and Eye Care is Crucial in COVID-19 Spread

Eye Safety and Eye Care is Crucial in COVID-19 Spread

In the presence of COVID-19, one of the most feared viruses of the 21st century, the World Health Organization is instructing people not to touch their faces if they don’t want to get the virus into the body. The reasons are quite simple – coronavirus or COVID-19 spreads via eyes, nose, and mouth; remember, your eyes are the source by which you can see the world with a crystal-clear vision and its safety cannot be compromised during COVID-19 pandemic.

So, before getting into more details, let us first see what coronavirus or COVID-19 is?

What is COVID-19?

The novel coronavirus is a type of common virus that has the potential to cause infection in your sinuses, nose, and upper throat. You might be enthralled to know that most coronaviruses aren’t dangerous at all.

In early 2020, just after the December 2019 outbreak in Wuhan province, China, hence the name COVID-19 (COronaVIrus Diseases-19) the WHO or World Health Organization identified a new type of world, i.e. the world hasn’t seen before (hence, novel coronavirus) known as SARS-CoV-2. This spread too quickly around the world as we all know quite well.

COVID-19 can start-off respiratory tract infection and it has the power to affect your upper respiratory tract, especially – nose and throat and lower respiratory tract including lungs and windpipe.

It spreads via – human-to-human contact and the droplets produced when a person sneeze or cough.

In this blog, we will see – how coronavirus can affect your eyes, 8 easiest tips for eye care, and more. So, let the journey begin…

How can coronavirus affect your eyes?

First of all, we all must understand that coronavirus does spread via eyes so it is our utmost duty to protect our eyes at all times. When a person is infected with coronavirus; if he/she sneeze or cough in front of you chances are almost 100% that the virus will enter your body via nose or mouth while breathing. This is also the same with the eyes! If your eyes are not protected or covered, the virus can enter via our eyes.

You can get infected to coronavirus via your eyes – if you touch them too frequently. For example, if you touch a fomite and then your eyes without using precautions like washing hands or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer then the virus will enter your body and you will get affected. Coronavirus can cause pink eyes or conjunctivitis in your eyes but don’t get scared if somehow you have pink eyes that can be cured easily via eye drops and proper consultation with your ophthalmologist.

Now, if you have pink eyes, contact your eye specialist without any delay. With their experience, they will give you proper advice on how to take care of your eyes. Keep a point in mind – it doesn’t matter that the pink eye is caused via bacteria or virus; other people can easily get affected if they somehow come in close contact with you. How? Via sticky or watery discharge that is running from the infected person’s eyes.

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Eye Care Tips to Protect Yourself from COVID-19

Taking care of your eyes is pivotal amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Avoid close contact with others by maintaining social distance. Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face too often as we have seen that the virus can spread via nose, eyes, and mouth.

Now, let us see how to take care of your eyes to protect it from COVID-19. The below 8 essential pointers will help you stay away from coronavirus blues and will lead you to better and healthier vision than ever.

Top 8 Tips to take care your eyes during COVID-19:

  1. Avoid Wearing Contact Lenses: Managing your contact lenses can be a tiresome job during the prevalence of COVID-19. Your contact lenses can act as a fomite and the virus can easily enter your eyes via the use of contact lenses.
  2. Use Glasses: Using glasses is highly beneficial during the coronavirus pandemic as if someone sneezes or coughs in front of you, the water droplets from the infected person won’t enter your eyes directly as your eyes are protected with spectacles.
  3. Frequently Disinfect All Sets of Spectacles: If you have to go out from your home for some work; remember to use an alcohol-based sanitizer or soap water to regularly disinfect all sets of glasses. This will help you stay away from COVID-19.
  4. Stock up on Eye Medicines: Always keep a backup of all necessary medicines at your home. Avoid going outside unless and until it is an emergency. Visit your nearby drug store and stock up eye medicines as other people will also do the same and there might be a scarcity of eye medicines.
  5. Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes: Avoid rubbing your eyes as we have seen that the virus may enter your body via eyes and cause pink eyes or conjunctivitis. If you feel irritation in your eyes and an urge to rub, wash your hands with soap water or an alcohol-based sanitizer.
  6. Practice Safe Hygiene: Maintain social distancing, wash your hands, and cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing in front of others Remember, it is us who can put an end to the spreading of COVID-19. Let us be responsible and keep ourselves and others safe.
  7. Rinse Your Eyes Regularly: It is crucial to wash your hands properly. However, rinsing your eyes with a saline solution or even plain water can also help keep them clean and free of any harmful particles nearby.
  8. Differentiate between COVID-19 and Seasonal Allergies: The coronavirus pandemic can easily make you fret if somehow you are experiencing typical symptoms like runny nose, eye irritations, increase in body temperature, or sneezing. What you should do is maintain your calm and not rush for emergency medical help. The common COVID-19 symptoms are – shortness of breath, caught, sore throat, chest pain, tiredness, etc. So, if you don’t have these aforementioned symptoms you’re safe!

So, now you know how to take care of your eyes and the importance of eye safety during COVID-19. Follow all the aforementioned pointers to stay away from coronavirus and vision blues. Take care of your eyes and they are the ones responsible to make you see this beautiful world. Don’t touch your eyes too frequently, maintain social distance, rinse your eyes, and wash your hands properly to avoid COVID-19 entering your body. Happy Vision!

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