Eye allergy: Spring Catarrh (Warm Weather conjunctiva)

Eye allergy

It is a recurrent, bilateral, allergic inflammation of conjunctiva, affecting children having a periodic seasonal incidence. It is due to few allergens like grass pollens.

Those who are affected by this allergy mostly have personal / family history of allergic disorders like asthma, hay fever eczema, and eosinophilia.

More common in children. Boys are affected more. More common in summer, so it is also called as warm weather conjunctivitis. More common in tropic less in temperature zone & very rare in cold climate

Usually upper part of conjunctiva is more affected.

Symptoms: Stingy Discharge, Burning & itching sensation in eyes, watering, intolerance to bright light. Heaviness redness during summer.

How long does the allergy lasts: Clinical course of disease is self-limiting & usually burns out in 5- 10 days.

Prevention & Management: Wear dark goggles to prevent photophobia (problem with sunlight)

Cold compresses & ice packs having soothing affect.

Change of place from hot to cold climate recommended

Topical steroid and antiallergic eye drops under your ophthalmologist guidance will be effective.

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