dry eyes

Many people faces problem of dryness in eyes. It can be temporary or chronic and progressive.

The problem of dry eyes is specific depending upon the cause and severity of condition. It is easy to deal and manage the dry eyes problem just by understanding the cause behind it.

Based on this the treatment for dry eyes is given. Mainly artificial tears or lubricating drops are widely used for treating mild type of dryness like continuous work on computer,reading etc.

Natural ways  to avoid dry eyes problem are:

  • Drink ample amount of water daily. Ideally your weight multiply by 4 ( 60 kg * 4 = 2.4 litres) should be your daily water intake.
  • While using electronic screen gadgets like PC laptop follow rule of 20-20-20. Means after every 20 minutes take 20 sec break and see 20 feet far from your chair distance.
  • Make-UP should be removed gently and thoroughly especially kajal, Liner and later cleaning of eye lids and lashed diligently before bedtime to remove bacteria
  • You can do gently scrub eyelids with mild cleanser like diluted baby shampoo, also pre-moistened eye lids wipes are also available
  • Use UV protection goggles to protect eyes from harmful UV rays.

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