How to Choose Best Hospital for Cataract Surgery in India?

How To Choose Best Hospital For Cataract Surgery In India

Your health and wellbeing take precedence over everything else. And, when it comes to eye care, you cannot go wrong. The reason being, that your vision allows you to perform your daily tasks with ease, and you cannot compromise on its health. Therefore, if you have to opt for eye surgery, you have to choose the best hospital and the right person to do the job.

That said, several factors need consideration before you pick a hospital. If you opt for cataract surgery, whether it’s due to age or other aspects, you need an expert handling your case. Moreover, the treatment gets determined by the degree of visual impairment. Regular check-ups and keeping an eye out for any symptoms may save you from treatment if the cataract has only had a minor impact on your eyes.

Whatever the case, you need to make sure that your eye condition remains stable at all times and you receive the treatment you need without any hassles. For that to happen, you need to select the right hospital to get your cataract surgery.

What Is a Cataract Surgery?

Cataract surgery usually takes less than 15 minutes and is done under local anesthesia, making it nearly painless. While the procedure itself is relatively quick, it may take some time for your eyes to adjust to the synthetic lens used to replace your natural lens in the days or even weeks following surgery.

While you have to adhere to specific instructions post-surgery, you can rest assured that it will be successful. But, its success remains in your hands. Apart from following the instruction guide after cataract surgery, the preparation beforehand also deems necessary.

Today, in this article, you will learn why and how you can choose the best hospital for cataract surgery in India. These factors, too, determine the surgery’s success and aid you in the recovery process.

Does Cataract Surgery Require Hospitalization?

Cataract surgery removes the cloudy lens inside your eye and replaces it with an artificial lens (called an intraocular lens, or IOL) to restore clear vision. The procedure is usually done as an outpatient and does not necessitate an overnight stay in a hospital or other care facility. The majority of modern cataract procedures involve using a high-frequency ultrasound device to break up the cloudy lens into small pieces, which are then gently suctioned out of the eye.

This procedure is conducted with tiny incisions than past surgical techniques for cataract removal, resulting in faster healing and a lower risk of cataract surgery complications such as retinal detachment.

The Checklist to Choose The Best Hospital For Cataract Eye Surgery

As mentioned earlier, even the hospital you choose determines the success of your cataract surgery. Therefore, the following checklist will do wonders to help you pick out the right healthcare center for your eye surgery. If you consider all of these aspects beforehand, it will make the surgical process a smooth one. It will also minimize risks (if any).

When you account for the advancement in eye care technology, you will find a pool of hospitals and healthcare centers that offer top-of-the-line treatment and medical equipment. Moreover, the ophthalmologists associated with these hospitals usually have years of experience. Their expertise can put you at ease.

Let’s now get to the checklist to help you pick the perfect hospital for your cataract eye surgery in India:

  • Surgeon Experience

Check to see if the eye surgeon has enough experience. Going to a novice doctor’s clinic is pointless because they will bill you the same as experienced doctors but do not provide the same quality. Experienced surgeons are well-versed in the most recent technologies and have had ample hands-on experience with modern tools. Consult an ophthalmologist with at least 20 years of experience.

  • Reputation

Some eye patients may believe that a doctor’s reputation is unimportant. But it is essential when it comes to treatment. Check a doctor’s qualifications, registrations, and success rate before scheduling an appointment. If you’re having trouble getting around, go online and look at a few websites. You will learn everything there is to know about an eye surgeon. Also, if possible, look up an eye doctor’s online ratings and reviews. So you don’t end up with a specialist with a tarnished reputation.

  • Technology Used
  • Using cutting-edge technology to promote safety and accuracy in various eye surgeries, including cataract surgery, is essential these days. Consult your friends if they are sure about a particular eye specialist who performs surgery using updated and advanced medical technology. If you are unsure whether an eye specialist has all of the necessary tools, you can find out by visiting their website for more information.

  • Cataract Surgery Cost in India

Cost is an important consideration when making any decision. But you should know not to cut corners in your cataract treatment. The cost varies depending on the ophthalmologist you consult and the location. Remember that your safety and the accuracy of the procedure are the most important considerations. An expert eye surgeon, skills, technology, and modern equipment should not cost you an extravagant amount.

  • Patient Benefits

You can be confident that you will never have cloudy vision again if you have cataract surgery. Although cataract treatment changes with each advancement in technology, the procedure remains the same even today. However, now that you have new lenses to choose from, doctors have an extensive range of options that may work well for a specific patient. Whether you pick out the lens or rely on your ophthalmologist, choose one that works very well for you.

  • Friendly or Family Recommendations

If you get recommendations from friends and family members, they are always welcome. Many people are aware of cataract treatment because it is an essential eye treatment. You can inquire about a specific doctor, their experience, whether they use cutting-edge technology, whether their clinic is easily accessible and much more. If you find their responses convincing enough, take the plunge.

  • Financing Options

Many eye clinics offer to finance. You can check online to see if a specific eye clinic has this provision or not. You can also inquire with your insurance company to see if they will cover the entire cost of your cataract treatment. If that is not the case, you can consider opening a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). The funds in your FSA can be withdrawn tax-free and used for such purposes – as cataract treatment.

  • Location Advantages

Check to see if the clinic for your cataract surgery is close by and not too far off. If the hospital is far away, it can get hard. You will need to bring a friend or family member with you during the procedure. So, for your convenience, choose eye clinics or hospitals that are close to your home. Furthermore, the price may differ from one city to the next. As a result, location is also an essential factor in the cost calculation.

  • Testimonials from Previous/Current Patients

Testimonials from previous or current patients for the eye surgeon can help you decide whether they’re the right fit for you. Testimonials ensure that an ophthalmologist is effective in treating their patients. You can find these testimonials on their website, social media platforms, or other channels. Don’t forget to check each of them, and once you’re confident that the testimonials are genuine, you can schedule an appointment with the eye doctor.

  • Surgeon Commitment

If you want the procedure to go smoothly, the surgeon’s commitment is required. Check to see if the appointed ophthalmologist has any government or non-governmental organization accreditation or awards. In this case, your friends, family members, and the internet can be very beneficial. You can visit their website and read through each page to determine whether or not the surgeon understands the extent of their work and is committed to surgery.

  • Average Recovery Time

Many people report that they have clear vision within a few hours of having cataract surgery. However, everyone heals differently, so it could be a week or two until you see images in their sharpest focus. The day after the procedure, your scheduled follow-up consultation with your cataract surgeon will help you understand your progress. It ensures that no complications arise.

  • Infrastructure

During the procedure, infrastructure plays an important role. You can check if a particular eye clinic has all of the necessary amenities and equipment and that their staff members are friendly and candid. You can also find out if the eye clinic has a dark room for post-surgery patients. If an eye clinic meets all of the above requirements, you can go ahead with your cataract surgery here.

  • Comprehensive Eye Care

You should ideally seek an eye surgeon who has vast knowledge and experience in ophthalmology. They should not remain skilled in a single type of surgery but also cataracts and other eye surgeries. It ensures that a doctor is well-versed in all surgical procedures and has extensive experience in ophthalmology.


Your ultimate goal is to get the correct treatment for your eyes. Selecting the best hospital offers you the conviction to go for cataract surgery and emerge successfully. Therefore, in such a case, the experience and expertise of your ophthalmologist matter. Additionally, the up-to-date infrastructure and technology can ease the process and minimize any risks associated with cataract surgery. That’s why it deems essential that you pick an eye hospital or clinic that adheres to all the pointers in the checklist and makes it simpler for you.

Remember only to reach out to the most advanced eye-care hospitals and clinics for your cataract surgery. The experts at Dada Laser Eye Institute in Pune will guide you through the entire process. The doctors explain the risks involved and share their knowledge about cataracts before and after your treatment. You can get in touch with the experts and get proper consultation by giving us a call at (+91) 992 299 5549 or visit to fill out a form.

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