FAQ About LASIK Eye Surgery

A clear vision is very important in today’s digital world where we consume a lot of content on our computers and smartphones. In today’s fast-paced world wearing glasses or lenses could be a daunting task, hence many people undergo eye correction surgery like LASIK to see clearly without any assistance.

In this blog, we would be answering most of the queries and doubts that you might have about LASIK surgery in a simple and understandable way.

What is LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK eye surgery is a surgical procedure that uses laser light to reshape the cornea and thereby give a clear vision to the patient. The entire surgical procedure takes 30 minutes or less and you will be able to see clearly in 24 hours.

FAQ about LASIK Eye Surgery?

Below mentioned is the list of frequently asked questions and doubts regarding LASIK Eye surgery

What is LASIK Surgery?

LASIK surgery is a type of surgery that is conducted on patients who have vision issues. The issue could be nearsightedness or farsightedness. In this surgical procedure, laser light is used to remove the bits of tissue to flatten the cornea incase of nearsightedness or steepen the cornea in case of farsightedness. The surgery is also used to smooth out any irregularities in the cornea.

How safe is the procedure?

LASIK is one of the safest eye correction surgery that one can undergo to correct the vision. This surgery is FDA recognized and undertaken by millions of people worldwide. It is conducted with the use of laser light that is controlled by a computer under the guidance of the doctor. Being computer-operated this procedure is super precise and also removes human error to a large extent. However, just like any medical procedure, there is a risk involved in the procedure.There are no known cases of blindness happening due to LASIK surgery, hence it is a safe procedure.

Can LASIK surgery be done twice?

Yes. Generally, a LASIK surgery done once will give you a clear vision but in some rare case to you might need to undergo another surgery to get the desired result.

What is the recovery time?

Most patients recover and start seeing clearly after a day or so of the surgery. However, for some patients, the recovery time might vary. If the vision does not clear in 4-5 days, consult your doctor.

Is LASIK eye surgery painful?

No LASIK eye surgery is not painful as the doctor will administer anesthetic eye drops in the eye before commencing the surgery. Post-surgery there is mild discomfort for a day or so after which the eyes will be fine.

Is LASIK eye surgery Safe?

Yes. LASIK is one of the safest eye correction surgery today with an almost non-existent case of any serious after effect or loss of vision.

Is LASIK Surgery FDA approved?

Yes. LASIK surgery is FDA recognized and is performed by eye surgeons worldwide.

Can LASIK surgery cure astigmatism?

Yes, astigmatism is a type of refractive error that happens due to the presence of dual curvature in front of the eye. LASIK is one of the most effective procedures to cure it.

How does LASIK eye surgery work?

LASIK surgery uses laser light to reshape the cornea thus removing the vision error helping the patient to see clearly without the help of lens or glasses.

What is the cost of LASIK eye surgery?

The cost of LASIK eye surgery depends on a lot of factors. It also depends on the amount of correction required.

Can all refractive errors be corrected with LASIK eye surgery?

LASIK is one of the most popular eye correction surgery and is suggested by doctors for most refractive errors. However, your eye doctor would be the right person to suggest if LASIK is the right procedure for you.

Is there any age limit for LASIK eye treatment?

There is no upper age limit to undergo LASIK eye treatment, however, you need to be 18 years and above to opt for this surgery.

Am I a suitable candidate?

To know if you are the suitable candidate for LASIK, you need to make sure you fulfill the below criteria

  • You have healthy eyes with no glaucoma, severe dry eye, cataracts, infection etc as this can affect the healing process
  • You are 18 years or older
  • You have a stable for atleast a year prior to the surgery
  • You are not pregnant as increased hormone levels can affect the shape of your eyes
  • You do not have any autoimmune or degenerative disease as this can affect the healing process

Why do patients prefer LASIK eye surgery?

Most patients prefer LASIK eye surgery due to a high success rate and minimal pain and recovery period.

Is there any diet restriction?

There is no diet restriction as such but to expedite the recovery post LASIK operation, it is advised to reduce the intake of excessive sugar, salt, refined flour etc and increase the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits. This will help in healing the eye faster.

How much time does the procedure take?

The actual LASIK procedure takes just few minutes but if you include the entire process then you need to spend an hour and a half on the day of surgery at the Laser Centre.

Can both eyes be treated with LASIK eye surgery in the same sitting?

Yes, generally the LASIK procedure is conducted on both eyes in the same sitting as it is comfortable for the patient as well for the doctor. This helps in reducing the recovery time as both eyes heal simultaneously.

How many LASIK eye surgeries are done till date by Dr Jeevan Ladi?

Dr. Jeevan Ladi has performed more than 10,000 surgeries with one of the highest success rates.

Is LASIK eye surgery a permanent treatment?

For most patients, LASIK eye surgery is a permanent treatment and they don’t need to undergo any further procedures in the future. However, in some cases where the patient’s vision gets blurry due to natural changes occurring in the lens inside the eye, a LASIK enhancement needs to be performed.

Is LASIK treatment accurate?

Yes. LASIK treatment is extremely accurate as 94%-100% nearsighted patients get 20/40 vision or better.

What is the success rate of LASIK eye surgery?

The success rate of LASIK eye surgery is around 96% which is considered a very high percentage when it comes to medical surgery.

How soon can I get back to my normal routine after the LASIK surgery procedure?

Generally, you can get back to your normal routine after a day or two after the surgery.

Will my vision be clear immediately after LASIK surgery?

After LASIK surgery has been performed, it takes around six to twelve hours for the eyes to recover from the procedure. The recovery period may differ from person to person but generally, your vision should be clear 24 hours post-surgery.

Will I need to sit in a dark room after LASIK surgery?

No. There is no need to sit in the darkroom post LASIK surgery. Natural or home light is perfectly fine. In case you feel a sensitivity towards light, you should close your eyes and rest for a few hours.

Will I still need to wear reading glasses after LASIK surgery?

LASIK surgery reduces the need to wear lens and glasses to a large extent. However, the result of the surgery may vary from person to person and some people may still have to use glasses while reading for those are above the age of 45 years.

Will I have glare after the LASIK surgery procedure?

After surgery, the patient might experience some amount of glare for a short period of time during recovery. Once fully recovered most patients do not have any kind of glare and have a natural vision.


To conclude LASIK one of the most effective eye correction surgery and gives you a clear vision in a day or so. If you have any other queries regarding LASIK or any other eye surgery you can call us at (+91) 992 299 5549. You can also fill the form below with your details and one of our representatives will connect with you.


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