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If you are looking for one of the best eye specialists in Pune, India, visit Dr. Jeevan Ladi at the Dada Laser Eye Institute. Dr. Ladi established the Dada Laser Eye Institute in January 1991 with the objective of providing the best eye care services for people from all over India. Today, Dr. Ladi provides a wide range of ophthalmology services including comprehensive eye exams, pediatric eye care, and specialized eye treatments including Bladeless Cataract Surgery, LASIK, Glaucoma Treatment, and more.

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Cataract Surgery

A cataract is when the eye’s lens becomes clouded, causing the light passing through the eye to become scattered and unfocused. The natural eye lens is made up of water and protein, so as the eye ages, some proteins can become discolored resulting in the blurring of vision.

  • Phacoemulsification
  • Laser Cataract Surgery
  • Bladeless Cataract surgery

Bladeless Cataract

Cataract Symptoms

The most common symptoms of a cataract are:

  • Cloudy or blurry vision.
  • Colours seem faded.
  • Glare. Headlights, lamps, or sunlight may appear too bright. A halo may appear around lights.
  • Poor night vision.
  • Double vision or multiple images in one eye. (This symptom may clear as the cataract gets denser.)
  • Frequent prescription changes in your eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Laser Eye Surgery

Patients often come to our eye care center in Pune, India, and ask us “How do I know if I need Laser Eye Surgery?” The short answer is, if you are experiencing a refractive error. Refractive errors are caused by rays of light entering the eye that are not able to focus precisely on the retina.

The common refractive errors are:


Lasek Surgery

LASEK – or Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis – is a refractive eye surgery that combines the benefits of LASIK and PRK. LASEK can be used to treat astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness.

Similar to other forms of refractive surgery, LASEK uses an excimer laser to reshape the cornea in order to allow light entering the eye to be properly focused onto the retina. During surgery, the epithelium is treated with mild medical alcohol to detach it from the underlying tissue. The epithelial layer is then lifted back and the newly exposed tissue is re-shaped with the laser. Once the procedure is complete, the epithelium is placed back over the cornea.

ReLEx Smile Surgery

ReLEx SMILE is the latest form of laser vision correction surgery. ReLEx stands for Refractive Lenticule Extraction and SMILE stands for SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction. With the ReLEx Smile procedure, there is no use of blades, no injections, and no patching of the eye. The eye is numbed with eye drops and the precise Femtosecond laser creates a lenticule to preserve the upper layers of the cornea.

The procedure is considered to be extremely safe and the recovery is very quick. Most patients are able to see normally and can return to work and resume routine activities two days after their ReLEx SMILE procedure.

Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is a complex eye disease characterized by increased intraocular pressure that damages the optic nerve. Glaucoma affects peripheral vision and can often lead to irreversible vision loss.

Since vision loss due to glaucoma is irreversible, the goal of glaucoma detection and treatment methods is to diagnose the condition early and control the progression of vision loss. Options include special eyedrops, oral medications, laser surgery, conventional surgery, or a combination of procedures.

Most Recognised
Laser Eye Surgeon in India

Dr. Jeevan Ladi is one of the best ophthalmologists in Pune, India. With more than 30 years of experience & expertise Dr. Jeevan Ladi is undoubtedly one of the finest surgeons of the country. Read on to learn about his extensive training and research or for more information on his many memberships and achievements.

  • 30+ Years of experience
  • 10,000+ Surgeries
  • Hon. Member of top ophthalmology associations
  • Recipient of Prestigious Awards


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